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Allmand Light Tower Maxi-Lite II


The The Allmand Light Tower Maxi-Light II 8kW key features:

■ Vertical Tower
■ SHO-HD® Light Fixtures
■ SLS™ Sequenced Light System™
■ Gull-Wing Style Doors – Reaction
injection molded doors providing
strength and corrosion resistance
■ Full Fluid Containment System
■ Forklift Pockets and Lifting Eye
■ 30 Gallon Polyethylene Fuel Tank
■ Four-Point Outrigger System
■ GPS Ready
■ 4 Metal Halide Lamps
■ 4 LED Lamps (Optional)
■ Hydraulic Winch
■ 359° Fixture Rotation
■ 55 mph Operating Wind
Speed Rating

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The Allmand Light Tower Maxi-Lite II provides multiple engine options and 542,000 total lumens of lighting. It features 100 gallons of fuel capacity to provide up to 277 hours of non-stop operation (with LED’s), and when you need to refuel, the 4 inch fill neck makes it much quicker. The gull-wing style doors offer easy access to engine and generator, but with remote oil and engine coolant drains, rear control / outlet panel and Allmand reliability, you will rarely need to use them. Built with a rugged trailer frame with Fluid Containment, hydraulically actuated tower and ability to withstand 65 MPH steady winds, this light tower will deliver the goods to get the job done right.


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