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Multiquip Whisperwatt 7kW Generator


The Multiquip Whisperwatt 7kW series generator is proven to handle the toughest applications in the most extreme environments with remarkable results. This model is available with a magnitude of options which assist in making this the perfect choice for any job site requirements.


This Multiquip Whisperwatt 7kW Generator is a single phase generator with a 1.0 power factor, 120/240 volt output and has a 2-pole field. It features a mechanical governor that maintains a steady state 60 Hz within 3-5% from no load to full load. Its comprehensive analog control panel includes instruments such as an lamps, volt meter, and hour meter along with a Main GFCI circuit breaker.  A single-side maintenance design provides direct access to all filters. At 534 lbs (242 kg), the DA7000SSA3 is the lightest model in the series of WhisperWatt Super-Silent Generators.


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